domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014


Voltei aos tempos dos TPCs.
Comecei a ler Wonderbook do Jeff Vandermeer, e decidi fazer os exercícios que por lá estão espalhados.

Na página 25, apareceu o seguinte desafio:

E aqui está o que saiu:

The singing fish

The parrots came to me with the news: the fish was singing. At first I didn't believe; the parrots are always gossiping! But they insisted, so I went with them to check.
And there he was, singing from Verdi's Rigoletto, La donna e mobile!
I was a bit worried because he is our only source of ink, and it would be difficult to find another ink provider at a short notice.
But when I became aware of his continuous struggle with the vowels, and specially that his sharp C was horribly out of tune, I relaxed: no reputable Opera Theater would hire him, not even for the chorus...